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Dave Stahl
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Dave Stahl PA Big Band Bio

Dave formed his first PA  big band in 1977 and it has evolved over the years through several editions. The band plays almost exclusively at places in PA nearer to Dave's home. In many instances Dave has had established pros come out to PA to appear as guests with the band. Quite often there were themes involved such as Trumpet Summit or Tenor Madness where there were multiple guests artists like John Bailey, Joe Magnarelli, Tom Harrell, Lew Soloff, Jim Rotundi, Tim Warfield, Chris Bacas, Andy Middleton, Sal Nistico, John Riley, Ray Brinker and others.  Around 2001, the band started playing Thursday nights on a regular basis at one club. That evolved into the band appearing at different venues on Thursday nights and after building interest and a following, the desire for a recording of this band became manifested. That recording was done at a two night gig at the Ritz in New Holland, PA in December of 2004.The latest recording by the PA band is 2019's "Workin'".


Dave Stahl NY Big Band Bio

NY band

Not too long after leaving the Buddy Rich Band in 1977, Dave started up his NY big band with some practice sessions in NYC. The band was comprised of some of the finest young musicians that NYC had to offer, most being musicians that Dave had worked with personally or gotten to know, guys who had just come off the road with many of the name bands like Woody or Buddy or Maynard or Kenton. The schedule of sessions and performances was choppy over the years until Dave recorded his first album, Anaconda, with his NY band in 1987. Then over the next few years Dave recorded three more times with his NY band. The band's recordingsgained some notable airplay on radio stations throughout the country. Following the final recording, the band became pretty dormant while Dave toured primarily with Liza and tried to repay recording debt. The new release, From A to Z, is the first time together in years for his band and its first recording in 20 years. Some new guys have become a part of the NY band but by and large this current group is made up of the same guys that Dave has had with him from the beginning.


Artists Who Have Been Guest Soloists with the PA Big Band

John Bailey, Bud Burridge, Danny Cahn, Avishai Cohen, Glenn Drewes, Greg Gisbert, Andy Gravish, Tatum Greenblatt, Don Hahn, Tom Harrell, Mike Jarosz, Bryan Lynch, Joe Magnarelli, Stan Mark,  Wynton Marsalis, Joe Mosello, Jim O'Connor, Valery Ponimarev, Marcus Printup, Ken Robinson, Jim Rotundi, Randy Sandke, Alex Sipiagin, Lew Soloff, Paul Stephens, John Swana, Warren Vache, Richie Vitale, Scott Wendholt,

Chris Bacas, Mike Dubaniewicz, Andy Fusco, Victor Goines, Nelson Hill, Bruce Johnstone, Gary Keller, Steve Marcus, Rick Matt, Larry McKenna, Andy Middleton, Rob Middleton, Mike Migliore, Gerry Niewood, Sal Nistico, Jonathan Ragonese, Gary Smulyan, Mark Vinci, Tim Warfield, Phil Woods, Brandon Wright

James Burton, Mike Davis, Steve Davis, Mike Fahn, John Fedchock, Conrad Herwig, Dale Kirkland, Jim Pugh , Reggie Watkins

Ray Brinker, Terry Clark, Greg Field, Clyde Lucas, Marko Marcinko, Dave Ratajczak, John Riley, Steve Smith

Harold Danko, Jeff Lashway, Joel Weiskopf

Art Davis, Rick Petrone, Rufus Reid

Patti Austin, Cab Calloway, Marino Gaspari, Vanessa Rubin

Patrick Williams

John Swana
Curt Sipe

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